Being a prudent investor -One day joint certification workshop
The institute completed minor paid research project in September 2018 with NSDL. Objectives of research were :
  • To find the extent to which female entrepreneurs were aware of various investment options available
  • To understand how far they were well versed with modern investment avenues
  • To find who influences their investments
Dr. Sucheta Pawar was the principle investigator and Dr. Tejashree Deshmukh was co-investigator of the projet. Team of 13 students assisted the project. Survey of 611 female entrepreneurs was taken and research findings were presented to NSDL and President of Amhi Udyogini on September 8, 2018. On the basis of key findings of research one day joint certification workshop for respondents is designed by faculty members, students,”” Amhi Udyogini officials and NSDL Vice President. The workshop/seminar will be organized on Thursday 27th September 2018. This is the workshop of its own kind – it is based on research, designed as well as conducted jointly by team PTVAIM, NSDL and Amhi Udyogini.

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