Bhavesh Vaity
Assistant Professor
About Me
Educator, Ethicist and Environmentalist, Working on societal and social issues with more focus on morals, values and ethics. Believer in creating good value driven citizens who can contribute to make world a happy and better place for everyone to live in cohesive manner. Spiritual and Intellectual journey towards achieving sustainable growth of everyone.
  1. NBA Co-ordinator
  2. Incharge – Student Welfare Committee
  3. Incharge – Building Maintenance & Repairs committee
  4. Incharge – Global Citizens Club
  5. Member – Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  6. Member – College Development Committee
My Objective
Bachelor of Management Studies, Master of Commerce (Management), Post Graduate Program in Management (IB & Marketing), Post Graduate Diploma in Comparative Mythology, Pursuing Ph.D. – Business Policy and Administration

Specialisation: Marketing and General Management.

Perspectives of Fishers on Impact of Pandemic Covid’19 on Fisheries Business Operating in Coastal Maharashtra Print ISSN: 0974-6455 Online ISSN: 2321-4007

Understanding Perspective of Fishers on E-Commerce of Fish and Fish products for economic development of Fishing Community (With Reference to Blue Economy) ISSN 2348-2397