Dr. Tejashree Deshmukh
Dean-Academics and Professor
B.A., M.H.R.D.M., Ph.D.
About Me
Dr. Tejashree Deshmukh is Dean-Academics and Professor – HR at PTVA’s Institute of Management. An alumnus of NMIMS, she comes with good blend of industry and academic experience. She is an approved Ph.D. Guide of University of Mumbai. She has also conducted corporate training programs for many organizations.

Felicitated with a prestigious “Certification of Recognition” for an exemplary contribution to the field of education by ArdorComm Media in ‘HIGHER EDUCATION & EDTECH CONCLAVE & AWARDS 2022’ on May 6, 2022.

My Objective
Qualification: B.A., M.H.R.D.M., Ph.D.
Specialisation: HR
  • Book Chapter titled “Study about Graphology: A Technique for Employee Selection” in the book: New Innovations in Economics, Business and Management Volume 5, Chapter 6, published by B P International, February 2022, Print ISBN: 978-93-5547-115-4, eBook ISBN: 978-93-5547-130-7
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  • Paper on “Relevance of PMS of Faculty Members in Effective Functioning and Growth of Management Institutes Affiliated to State-funded Universities in Mumbai” in Shodh Sarita in February 2020, UGC CARE approved peer reviewed journal, ISSN 2348-2397.
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