Best Practices 2018-19

Best Practice 01: Compulsory Internship of MMS Semester IV Students with NGOs for their Project on Social Relevance 1. Objectives of the Practice: To nurture and develop socially sensitive and responsible management professionals. 2. The Context: University of Mumbai modified its MMS syllabus in 2016-18 […]

Best Practices 2019-20

Best Practice 01: Bazaarhaat 2020 1. Objectives of the Practice: To impart practical business education to PTVAIM’s full time and part time students. 2. The Context:Bazaarhaat is systematically conducted by PTVAIM for last two years to allow the students to apply the theoretical management concepts […]

Best Practices 2020-21

1. Title of the Practice : An online panel discussion on “Workforce Challenges and Opportunities for Hybrid and Remote Working Environments: Indian and Global Perspectives” 2. Objectives of the Practice To enhance the visibility of PTVAIM globally. To enhance the possibility of global recruiters knowing […]