Digital Library

Student Login E-Journals ProQuest Database National Digital Library Swayam Faculty & Student Publications J-Gate J – Gate is an electronic gateway to global e – journal literature launched by Informatics India Limited providing seamless access to millions of journal articles. SLIM – 21(System for Library […]

Library Rules & Regulations

Library Rules Usage of Cell phone(s)/Laptop(s)/ Bag(s) is / are not allowed inside Library. Consumption of food items or drinks (except water) are not allowed inside Library. Pin-drop silence and maintaining library decorum is mandatory. Any damage to Library Property will be dealt with disciplinary […]

About Library & Information Resource Centre

Library & Information Resource Centre The Library and Information Resource Centre (LIRC) functions as the primary information resource and repository for all teaching and research activities at the Institute. Apart from textbooks and recommended reading material prescribed for each course offered by the institute, the […]