Aim :

  • The computer centre is an all-purpose facility designed to meet the requirements of the academic and administrative staff and the students of the institute.
  • The systems in the centre are equipped with the latest software which are in tune with the industry requirements.
  • The faculty can update their technical skills by using various packages available in the systems and can share their knowledge with the students.


  1. Email account creation
    1. The accounts department is entrusted with the task of creating new accounts for new hire, which generates the new email account. All usernames are tracked so as to avoid duplication.
    2. The email account for new hires is created within one hour. The accounts department immediately informs the new hires by mailing the user name and temporary password to their personal email account. The new hire is prompted to change the temporary password on the first login.
    3. The nomenclature followed for teaching staff is; firstalphabet(firstname)
    4. The institute has a standard email account id for the Director of the institute with the email id and Non-Teaching staff which comprises of the accounts admin, and library section with their email ids as, and respectively.
  2. Email account deletion
    1. When a faculty member leaves the institute by resignation or termination, the email account will revert to the institute. In case of termination the email account gets blocked by the accounts department within 30 minutes of termination.
    2. If the employee resigns the email id will revert to the institute after completing the exit formalities on the last day of the employee in the organization. The accounts department changes the password of the email account and keeps the email account active for 30 days before deleting.
    3. The account holder is expected to clear the account of personal correspondence before leaving.
  3. Warranty & Annual Maintenance Contract
    1. Computers purchased by the institute should be on a comprehensive warranty of 1-year on-site.
    2. After the expiry of warranty, computers should be under annual maintenance contract. Such maintenance should include OS re-installation and checking virus related problems also.
    3. The computers should be periodically checked every 3 months for any operating system related updates, new versions of software and general hardware related issues.
  4. Maintenance of Computer Systems provided by the Institute
    1. In case of complaints related to any maintenance issues of the computer hardware or defunct functioning of any software the employee should mail /call the IT resource person.
    2. The responsible person/in charge/AMC personnel of the Computer Centre will attend the complaints related to any maintenance related issues and work towards resolving the same within 2-3 working days depending on the nature of problem.
  5. Data Backup
    1. The institute has external hard disks drive of data storage capacity of 500 Giga Byte to 2 Tera Byte. Important data relating to various functions viz. academic, examinations, accounts and administration is stored in these hard disks drive. The storage is placed on the campus and outside the premises in the trust office for future retrieval.
    2. Data is backed up periodically every 15 days (atleast once a month for teaching staff) in the portable drive (external hard disk) which is in the institute and at Pethe Safety Lockers (P) Ltd. The cycle of data backup is twice between 12th to 15th & 28th to 30th of every month.
    3. Data is backed up to provide disaster recovery and for future retrieval.
  6. Website Updation and Maintenance
    1. Any update to be made on the institute’s website has to be routed through the faculty in charge of the website and the Director of the institute.
    2. A request mail containing the nature of the Updation along with the content needs to be mailed to the faculty in charge at least 24 hours in advance
    3. The faculty in charge sends the details of the content to the vendor in charge of the website updation and maintenance.
    4. The vendor updates the content on the website within 3-6 hours of sending him the content if the request is made on working days between Monday to Friday depending on the nature of updation and urgency of the task. If request is raised post working hours after 6:00 pm on Friday, the content would get updated on the next working day i.e. on Monday
  7. Audio Visual
    1. The Computer Centre resource personnel will assist teaching and non-teaching staff with any audio visual needs. To ensure a successful conference or presentation, the following must occur;
    2. A request is to be raised with the computer centre resource at least 24 hours in advance to ensure the request is met diligently.
    3. The resource person will attend to the request raised to ensure the details of the project and plan accordingly.
  8. Disposal of Electronic Equipment
    1. The Computer Centre disposes of outdated electronic equipment. In order to dispose of equipment, the user must submit an email to the computer centre resource/ in charge marking a carbon copy to the vendor and the director, faculty in charge and accounts department.
    2. The IT resource will keep outdated equipment in storage for at least 60 days, after which, the equipment will be disposed of at an environmentally friendly electronics recycle location or the vendor where the hard drives will be destroyed and a certificate of destruction will follow.