Lead College – Cluster 4
There were innumerable challenges faced by HEIs due to Covid-19. One such challenge faced by institutions was to conduct University Examinations and ensure timely delivery of results. University of Mumbai issued a circular dated September 08, 2020, on appointing Lead Colleges for various disciplines viz. Management, Science, technology, etc. Our institute was appointed as one of the Lead Colleges with 07 Management Institutes under its ambit namely called as Cluster 4. The Lead College had the responsibility of streamlining the entire University Examinations for MMS Program & Part Time MBA program. Task force was formed at PTVAIM for smooth co-ordination of various examination related activities right from declaring the Timetable for the University Examinations till framing of Question Banks for the University Assessment Papers, maintaining the confidentiality of these Question banks and disseminating the said information to the other colleges under them. The task involved maintaining constant communication with university and other colleges under Cluster 4 whilst also ensuring that the students are informed well in advance about the examinations. As the Lead College the Institute had to send consolidated report of the examinations conducted to the University. Examination Team & Faculty members involved in these aforesaid examination practices did a commendable job across all the colleges under Cluster 4 under the guidance of Dr. Harish Kumar S. Purohit, Director of PTVAIM. This distinct practice gave us the impetus to perform beyond excellence and helped us in maintaining student trust and delivering value to our stakeholders in line with our vision.

Lead college circular