The Maharashtra government and UNICEF formed a memorandum of understanding, directing the state’s Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) to collaborate on eco-friendly initiatives through the Green Club in selected districts. In Mumbai, the DTE chose our institute to lead activities outlined in the guidelines. Notably, our institute ranks highest among Green Club activities in the city.

The Green Club instils environmental stewardship values, fostering an eco-conscious campus. Emphasising responsible resource use, it engages students in diverse projects, supporting initiatives on campus and in local communities. Impactful activities include an e-waste collection drive on August 26, 2023, gathering over 15 kg for proper disposal. On September 08, 2023, a Nirmalya Collection and Compost drive created compost bins from Janmashtami materials. On October 04, 2023, the compost fertilized campus plants, promoting environmental responsibility. Other efforts include an Energy Literacy drive, Campus Cleanliness drive, a relay race for water conservation, and an “Amrit Kalash Yatra” plantation drive on October 13, 2023, dedicating 50 saplings to martyrs. A Nature exploration trip on November 24, 2023, focused on biodiversity conservation. These initiatives uphold the institute’s commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement.