Student Satisfaction Survey A.Y. 2018 – 2019
Students Satisfaction Survey (SSS) was conducted for the Academic Year 2018-19 and responses from the students enrolled during that period were recorded online. The questionnaire has been framed based on NAAC guidelines for Students’ Satisfaction Survey. The survey questions were to be responded on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). The summary is displayed on the college website for the reference of all stakeholders.


Question-wise Average Response Score (on a 1 to 5 scale)

Major suggestions and observations by students that can improve the overall learning experience
Key strengths identified by the students that have helped them grow:

  • Students are thoroughly satisfied regarding the completion of the syllabus along with the teacher’s preparation of the topics discussed during the sessions.
  • Teachers adopt interactive and participative learning methods which helped students to understand the subject thoroughly.
  • Supportive teaching and non-teaching staff. College functions like a family in a coherent manner.
  • Discussing the students’ progress and feedback, either on one-on-one basis or in a collective manner helps the student enhance his / her outcome.
  • The opportunities that were provided by the Institute to the students has helped them groom their personality and engaged them to think out-of-the box.
  • Students have expressed satisfaction regarding the use of digital techniques to teach and explain concepts and presentations.
  • Guest lectures from industry experts and seniors who have passed-out added to the pleasure of learning. Interactive sessions especially with alumni give an insight to the professional scenario.
  • Fairness during evaluation is valued by students.
  • The mentor – mentee program has benefitted not only the brighter students of the batch but also students who are apprehensive and face anxiety, or are over-whelmed by the surrounding. The Institute keeps a follow-up with the weaker students of the batch.
  • Session with HR and Finance experts explained the various concepts that are implemented or which the industry would generally look for in a prospective candidate.

The students have also expressed some suggestions which could enhance the overall experience of students in the Institute:

  • Students would be interested in additional courses such as Digital Marketing, Ms Excel, Data Analytics and other such certificate courses can also be introduced.
  • More sharing of and emphasis on real-life examples can be given by the teachers.
  • Introduction of sports activities and having some health improvement sessions can add enthusiasm among the students.
  • Students have expressed that more guest lectures, events and industrial visits, activities related to current affairs in economics and finance would be appreciated.
  • Case study analysis weightage should be high in the exam paper – for 50 marks. Keep multiple case studies in exam.
  • Train students in specific skills – negotiations and articulation skills with the client presentation skills. Writing skills – students can be asked to write and publish blogs about market/specific Company/ financial facets.
  • Teachers can share pdf or soft copies of books which can be stored by the students.
  • Use more of e-learning elements during the year.
  • Computer Centre should be opened at 8 AM in the morning.
  • Fresher’s Party can be arranged for Three Year Part Time MMM/MFM/MHRDM program students as well.