Four members team COEI and IIC council current & prospective members, Dr. Sucheta Pawar – IIC President, Ms. Ridhima Mahabal- IIC convener, Mr. Mandar Salaskar – IIC council member and Mayur Khanvilkar – Prospective convener of IIC council attended the meet at Pune.

It was the 6th regional meet of IICs, where more than 550+ faculty representatives from 250+ institutions from Western Region (Maharashtra) and Goa took part. PTVAIM had also displayed its standee describing our key activities. Regional meet consisted of various sessions such as An Impact Session on IIC Model, Participatory Approach, Achievement and Performance Maximisation through Quality Participation of HEIs, Policy Awareness and Advocacy Session on I&E Initiatives of MIC & AICTE, Participation Drive Session on YUKTI-National Innovation Repository (NIR) and Orientation Session on Data Submission for ARIIA 2022. PTVAIM’s IIC members did the networking with other IIC council members.

We also got an opportunity to meet Mr. Anand Ganu, founder- Garje Marathi Global and our partner, Mr. Ashish Garde CEO of MAGIC & Mr. Sanjay Inamdar Co-founder of BHAU institute and also architect of the new programme MBA-IEV. Post lunch there were 4 tracks of sessions. Our IIC members spread into 4 tracks and attended the sessions. Ms. Ridhima Mahabal attended Track 1 i.e. : ‘Knowledge sharing session on IIC’, Dr. Sucheta Pawar attended Track 2: Knowledge sharing session on NISP, Mr. Mandar Salaskar attended Knowledge sharing session on ARIIA and Mr. Mayur Khanvilkar attended Track 4: Knowledge sharing session on IP and Technology Transfer. Meeting concluded at 5:30 PM. And the team returned on the same day.