Language Lab & English Language Sessions

The Institute has installed ORELL Language Lab which has a teacher console and 25 student console. Language Lab provides practice in an entertaining and interactive way. Having Business and Professional modules in our language lab enables us to familiarise students with telephone etiquettes, presentation do’s […]

Alumni Interactions and Pep-talks

PTVA’s Institute of Management’s alumni contribute to the holistic development of the students pursuing MMS Course in the institute. Alumni get involved at various levels. They are involved in student development activities by interviewing and guiding our current students towards making a successful career. Also, […]

Ms Excel Workshops

Proficiency in Ms Excel has become the basic requirement for any MBA/MMS student seeking employment. All businesses irrespective of the size of their business operations require their employees to be proficient in Ms Excel. For students opting for Finance it becomes a critical skill for […]

Mock Interviews for each student

Mock interviews enable students to have a fair idea about what they are going to experience at actual interviews, and prepare them how accurately they can deal with it. They help candidates reduce their anxiety about interviewing by training them for the typical interview questions. […]

CV Designing & Resume Building sessions

Our CV is the first opportunity we get to make a good impression on a potential employer. The Institute understands this and hence arranges CV Designing & Resume Building Workshops for all students every year. These workshops are conducted by highly experienced HR Professionals from […]

Aptitude Calibration Test

Many MMS/MBA students wish to know which specialisation stream suits their temperament and aptitude. The Institute faculty have designed an Aptitude Calibration Test which can assess the current level of student knowledge and inclination towards different management specializations such as Marketing, Human Resource Management and […]